For over 30 years MODEMA has grown from a small family business in Ankara Turkey into one of the leading specialists in the floor and wall covering accessorize sector in the Turkish and European market. . Founders' experience combined with young, creative and dynamic staff to yield high technology excellent wooden products.

It’s development of innovative designs, development of new wrapped wooden Profiles and Wrapping processes with a guaranteed consistent reproducable colour for the flooring and building industry is second to none. MODEMA uses automated precision machines to attain high level cut products but with a competitive price

We guarantee consistently reproducible finishing quality and the highest level of precision in all of our processes. Automated processes and certified quality assurance systems ensure the greatest possible reliabiltiy and exact surface finish.

In everything we do, the enviroment is close to our heart. Of course people, too. Therefore, everyone of our staff takes an active role in ecological and social responsibility for the good of everyone.

Our stated aim is to continuously improve our environmental standarts according to state of the art.




İstanbul Yolu (E5) 22. Km 176. Sok. No. 6
Saray Köy Kazan / Ankara - TURKEY
phone: +90 312 815 44 44 (Pbx)
fax: +90 312 815 55 10
e-mail: info@modema.com.tr



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